What we do

We are focused on delivering innovative and enriching care services that are shaped by our commitment to service users.

Some of our Services

  • Therapeutic Services

    Therapeutic Services Overview: Our approach is based on reliable assessment and fast, effective intervention and we are able to provide: A needs-focused, professional service to all young people and organisations A range of assessments for psychological and psychiatric disorders Psychosocial assessments Therapists and counsellors who are highly qualified, experienced and adept at communication with young […]

    Therapeutic Services
  • Shared Care

    Shared Care At Pathway we realise that short breaks can provide opportunities for disabled children to have enjoyable experiences, which help them become more independent and form friendships outside their family. At the same time families get a planned break from the demands of caring for a disabled child. Short break carers contribute to disabled […]

    Shared Care
  • Learning Disabilities

    Learning Disabilities Pathway have successfully pioneered in the East Midlands the ‘small home philosophy’, which provides for the delivery of bespoke care packages in small, community-based, well run, family-like settings. These service solutions deliver locally based care solutions promoting good outcomes and better value as they pivot on maximising access to [and benefit from] universal […]

    Learning Disabilities
Pathway Care Solutions is part of the Acorn Care and Education group. We have an enviable track record in delivering high quality, child-focused residential care placements for young people aged between eight and 21 years and currently operate 16 homes with 2 new homes opening in late autumn.   We deliver high quality, solutions focused care for looked-after children within small three bedded homes. This philosophy helps us to avoid the effect of institutionalism and fosters a spirit of family-like living, allowing children to receive the focused care and attention they require. Pathway Care Solutions offers long to medium term placements, aftercare, reception and assessment, shared and domicilary care for young people who present with:  
    • Moderate to Severe and Complex Learning Disabilities requiring continuing care
    • Autistic Spectrum Disorders [ACS]
    • Severe Physical Disabilities requiring Total Care
    • Social & Emotional Behavioural Difficulties, expressed through challenging behaviour and attachment difficulties
    • Children/Young people at risk of Self-Harm and/or require Therapeutic Interventions
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