We see transition as a vital continuation of the support we provide to young people and children through our homes. We’re committed to helping our children to make a positive transition either back home or toward independent living. Every young person takes a different journey, so we are there as long as they need us.

Early Planning

Building good foundations for independent living starts early. We help our children to develop emotional and mental resilience alongside practical skills such as cooking, housework, budgeting and personal self-care. Rather than doing tasks for them, we involve our children and young people in decision-making and problem solving, so they learn to overcome life’s daily challenges for themselves.

Individual Journeys

The paths our young people take into adulthood will vary greatly. We work with a variety of partners to develop a unique plan for each young person progressing them toward independence in stages. Initially, many of our young people move into semi-independent accommodation where they are supported with additional care every day, before moving to live on their own.

Fulfilling Potential

Our overall aim is to help our children and young people to fulfil their potential by developing their skills and competences to the very best of their ability. We are realistic about what we can achieve and believe small changes make a big difference.


“Even after I moved out they still helped me and still help me to this day with anything.” Dermornia