Partnership Working

Whilst in our care, we consider ourselves to be advocates and champions for our children. From the moment they are placed with us, we put their best interests at the centre of everything we do. As any good parent would, we’ll take the lead involving the relevant agencies, authorities and organisations needed to ensure our children make steps toward better days and better lives


Our staff have a good knowledge of the schools in their area and are well placed to liaise with the relevant authorities. We appreciate that understanding the barriers to learning is often the first step to ensuring our children can access the right level of educational support.

Enjoyment and Achievement

We want our children to enjoy the same positive activities as their peers and will liaise with the appropriate authorities alongside local clubs and organisations, wherever we can, to make this happen

Health and Wellbeing

We help our children to stay fit and healthy, so we’ll ensure their health is assessed regularly and will establish individual health plans in consultation with professionals for those who have very specific needs.

Children’s Wishes

A vital component of partnership involves the children themselves. Our experienced team include the children in as many decisions about their welfare as possible, giving them opportunity to express their wishes and concerns openly.

Positive Relationships

We believe it’s our responsibility to understand our children’s relationship history and the impact this may have upon their behaviour. We’ll then work closely with health and education professionals, local youth justice and police services to monitor children’s development.

Child Protection

Whilst they are with us, we will protect our children like any parent would. Where we have concerns about a child’s welfare we won’t hesitate in contacting local authorities and other relevant agencies.


Our staff manage each home to ensure it delivers the ethos, outcomes and approach set out in the home’s Statement of Purpose. We take the lead in getting to know the relevant authorities we work with and through frequent training we ensure our team understands the latest policy and uses best practices.

Care Planning

We work in unison with local authorities from the outset to understand every child’s care plan to ensure we can provide the environment where they will thrive. To avoid disruption for the child, we make sure plans are in place before they arrive in our care. 

“Each child here has their own progress tracker and we know exactly what progress they’ve made and when. It doesn’t matter how long it takes,” Zoey Lees Registered Manager at The Orchards.