At Pathway we aim to ensure that children and young people are placed in a home that offers them the chance to settle, learn and grow in a safe and enriching environment. We appreciate that sometimes children and young people come to us in crisis and we are focused on helping them have better days and better lives moving forward.

Our referrals team aim to provide you with a response to any referral enquiry within 2 hours of contact, and we will profile potential vacancies that match the referral details.

Pathway understand that Placement Matching and initial ‘ risk aware ‘ risk assessment is key to a safe and successful transition into our care.
This approach enables us to minimise any potential impact on all of our young people and make sure that we get things right at the outset.

We very much welcome professionals and young people visiting our services prior to any admission and getting to know the Pathway people who will care for them.

Once placement has been confirmed, our Children’s Homes Managers will begin the process of completing the placement plans

To make an enquiry, please contact the referrals team on 01623 392438 (8.45am to 4.30pm) and ask for the residential referrals Team or email