Residential Care

When you walk into one of our homes, you’ll be struck by how homely they feel. Within a safe, nurturing and loving environment, we help our children to make healthy choices, enjoy as full a life as possible and make a positive contribution to the world around them.

For many children our care homes are a really positive and compelling choice. We build a strong safeguarding culture where they are listened to, respected and involved in as many decisions as possible. We believe our homes provide the right level support, care and independence for many children.

Stability and Consistency

Every child has a key worker who they can trust implicitly. Our staff turn over is very low, so we can offer our children the stability and consistency they need to build healthy, long-term relationships. We take good care of our team too, so they, in turn, can deliver the best care to our children.

Space and Privacy

We select homes that are large enough to give our children the space and privacy they need. Every child has their own bedroom and with a low child to adult ratio, we ensure they are never crowded. Staff also have their own sleeping area and separate office, so each home is focused around the needs of our children.

Opportunity and Independence

Our homes are based in safe communities with good transport links and amenities, so children can be part of community life. With appropriate boundaries in place, we nurture a spirit of independence, respect and courtesy within our homes. Children are encouraged to express themselves and their individuality without fear or judgement.

Support and Encouragement

We are ambitious for the children in our care and are committed to supporting them through the tough times, whilst also recognising and celebrating their achievements. We are also realistic about the progress our children make and plan their care to make incremental steps toward better days and better lives. Partnership is key to achieve these goals and we liaise with a wide range of agencies and organisations.

“I smile so much now. I never used to really smile at all. I still do get angry occasionally but if I do, I know how to deal with that feeling in an appropriate way.” Rob